Thijs Scheepers 👨‍💻

Hey, welcome! I’m Thijs, a software and AI geek based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In 2010 I co-founded Label305, the engineering consultancy for software products. We help entrepreneurs and enterprises realize completely new software products that can stand on their own, or help them by creating software that enriches their existing products. That could mean: conceptualizing an amazing user experience, diving in and designing a robust web application architecture; implementing a companion mobile application; scaling up your backend infrastructure; or improving your internal development process.

Since its inception I'm the product lead for our internally developed SaaS: Keeping, a beautiful time tracker for the Dutch market.

I graduated from the UvA with a MSc in Artificial Intelligence. I'm interested in everything related to natural language processing. Going forward I will work to incorporate NLP and other useful AI into the products we create at Label305.

E-mail:  thijs [at] thijs [dot] ai  â€“  GitHub  â€“  PGP:  A524 4DB0 5EA2 0506 9AF2 168D B386 DBFA 3819 6A57